SK / 2SK系列水环式真空泵


SK / 2SK 系列水环式真空泵

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主要用来抽除空气和其他有一定腐蚀性,不溶于水,允许含有少量固体颗粒物的气体.广泛用于食品,纺织,医药` 化工等行业的真空蒸发`浓缩、浸渍、干燥等工艺中。

It is mainly used to remove ari and other gases that are corrosive, insoluble in water, and allow a small amount of solid particles Widely used in vacuum evaporation, concentration, impregnation, drying and other processes in food, textile, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.
This type of vacuum pump has the characteristics of high vacuum, simple structure, convenient use, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

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