JZJX 系列罗茨旋片真空机组


JZJX 系列罗茨旋片真空机组

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 JZJX系列罗茨旋片真空机组是以罗茨互空泵为主泵,旋片泵为前级泵串联而成的真空机组。其结构紧凑,操作方便,适用于抽除空气,无可凝浆性及无腐蚀性的气体。广泛应用于需要哀真空的真空系统中 ,如 真空冶炼, 电容器 , 变压器、真空浸溃处理、真空踱膜等.

JZJX series Roots rotary vane vacuum unit is a vacuum unit composed of Roots vacuum pump as the main pump and rotary vane pump as the front pump 1n  series. The utillty model has  compact structure and   convenient operation  and 1s suitable for extracting air, no coagulable and non-corrosive gas. It is widely used in vacuum systems requiring high va cuum, such as vacuum smelting capacitors, transformers, vacuum impregnation treatment , vacuum coating , etc.

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